Pre-packed analytical columns, J.T.Baker®, BAKERBOND®

供应商: Avantor®
BAKR7105-01EA 137648 CNY
BAKR7105-01 BAKR7159-00 BAKR7104-01 BAKR7159-05 BAKR7098-01 BAKR7104-00 BAKR7116-00 BAKR7098-00
Pre-packed analytical columns, J.T.Baker®, BAKERBOND®
Biochromatography columns for analytical and preparative HPLC, low pressure LC and batch purification.

BAKERBOND® is a family of silica-based products designed for optimum performance, reproducibility, and scaleability. BAKERBOND® bonded phases are synthesized through trifunctional silane chemistry to form a layer of multiple carbon-siloxane covalent bonds on the surface of the silica particles. The resulting bonded phases are polymeric type, providing increased resistance to hydrolysis, greater stability at pH extremes, and reduced silanol interactions for higher recoveries and less tailing.

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