SPE columns, J.T.Baker®, BAKERBOND spe™ narc™-1 and narc™-2

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SPE columns, J.T.Baker®, BAKERBOND spe™ narc™-1 and narc™-2
Standard ultra-clean PP SPE columns are used for samples from 0,2 to 10 ml when standard speed, recovery, and final concentration are needed. These columns are ideal for separating drugs and small molecules. Columns are vacuum packed to preserve sorbent performance. The optimised round-rimmed tube and frits are made from ultra-pure polymers. The tubes fit most processors and racks.

  • Silica based
  • Extraction of compounds from sample solution volumes ranging from a few hundred µl up to 1 L
  • Processing by vacuum, positive pressure or centrifugation

General applications: The narc™-1 extraction columns are a mixed mode for separation of carboxy-tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) metabolites from urine. narc™-2 disposable extraction columns are typically used for separation of hydrophobic/basic analytes (cocaine, benzoylecognine) from urine.

These SPE columns can be used in reversed phase mode.

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