Spill clean-up materials and kits, J.T. Baker®

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Spill clean-up materials and kits, J.T. Baker®
Be prepared for hazardous laboratory spills. With NEUTRASORB®, NEUTRACIT®-2, and SOLUSORB®, lab personnel can quickly neutralise, clean up, and safely dispose of acid, caustic, and flammable solvent spills.

For acid spill clean up, NEUTRASORB® provides rapid, controlled neutralisation of concentrated acids, and visible colour change as indication of complete neutralisation. After complete neutralisation, waste materials contain neutralised alkali metal and alkaline earth salts of the treated acid.

For caustic spill clean up, NEUTRACIT®-2 provides a controlled reaction which eliminates splattering. The heat of the reaction is released safely as carbon dioxide. Visible colour change indicates that neutralisation is complete. After complete neutralisation, waste materials contain neutralised citrate salts of the treated caustic.

For solvent spill clean up, SOLUSORB® reacts immediately with the solvent, reducing solvent vapors and raising the flash point of the mixture. SOLUSORB® provides for the safe, effective handling of a solvent spill through reduction of flammable or toxic vapors, fast handling, complete clean up, and convenient disposal.

Assortment A consists of three spill clean-up kits plus a wall-mountable storage cabinet and video. Each kit (one each of NEUTRASORB®, NEUTRACIT®-2, and SOLUSORB®) is supplied with the appropriate neutraliser, safety glasses, scoops, gloves, disposal bags and ties, and labels. Restock your spill control center (or create your own) with replacement kits, available separately.

Caution: NEUTRASORB® should not be used for spills of hydrofluoric acid, fuming nitric acid, fuming sulfuric acid, or peroxy (per-) organic or other highly reactive acids.

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