Spin Adapters for Gravity Columns

供应商: Cytiva
GEHE28-9232-45EA 0 CNY
GEHE28-9232-45 GEHE28-9232-44 GEHE28-9232-43
Spin Adapters for Gravity Columns
Convenient and rapid cleanup with high reproducibility and the potential for high throughput by running multiple samples in parallel, High desalting capacity, The use of centrifugation protocol with all gravity columns.

  • Convenient adapters, enable spinning of all gravity columns

Adapters are polypropylene rings designed for use with the gravity columns PD MiniTrap G-25, PD MidiTrap G-25, and PD-10 Desalting Columns when the spin protocol is used. MiniSpin Adapter fits PD MiniTrap G-25 columns, MidiSpin Adapter fits PD MidiTrap G-25 columns, and PD-10 Spin Adapter fits PD-10 Desalting Columns.

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