Cell culture inserts, Corning® Transwell® permeable supports

供应商: Corning Life Sciences
Corning® Transwell®
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Cell culture inserts, Corning® Transwell® permeable supports
微孔板 插入板和插入物
Transwell® 8,0 µm PET, 24-well inserts are convenient, easy to use devices for the study of cells. Transwell® permeable supports
provide a cell culture environment that closely resembles the in vivo state and permits cells to carry out metabolic activities in a more natural fashion. The self-centred hanging design prevents medium wicking between the insert and outer well, while allowing for undamaged co-culturing of cells in lower compartment.

  • Smooth surface for easy visualisation and counting of migrated cells
  • Optical clarity that allows for visualisation of cell outlines under phase contrast microscopy
  • Thin, 10 µm PET membrane is ideal for a variety of chemotaxis assays
  • Suitable for coating with a variety of extracellular matrices (ECM) and basement membrane extracts (BME)
  • Insert and plate surface are tested for optimal cell attachment
  • Compatible with histochemical stains and fluorochromes for cell staining applications

The 6,5 mm, 8,0 µm pore size PET Transwell® inserts are ideal for a variety of chemotaxis assays, including tumour invasion and metastasis studies, invasion inhibition research, fibroblast migration and trans-migrational studies.

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