Volumetric flasks, class A, Corning®

供应商: Corning

CORN5640P-25EA 0 CNY
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Volumetric flasks, class A, Corning®
烧瓶 容量瓶
PMP, translucent, with tapered PP stopper.

  • Can be autoclaved at 121 ºC without affecting the graduation tolerance
  • Routine cleaning up to 60 ºC will preserve graduation markings
  • With an individually calibrated graduation line

The accuracy of volumetric ware depends on the care used in calibrating it, using the correct type of ware for the application, handling the ware properly and ensuring the ware is clean. Calibration of volumetric ware is usually done at 20 °C, and the ware should be used at approximately this temperature. Refrigerated liquids should be allowed to come to room temperature before measuring them. Under normal use and care, the calibration of volumetric ware will not change. Do not expose volumetric ware to excessive heat, defined as temperatures approaching the Corning-defined upper service limit. The polymers from which the Corning line is manufactured have unique thermal characteristics. The polymer temperature capability is described above.

It is important to recognise the difference in specifications regarding DIN and ASTM standards. For reference, ASTM Class A and B specifications are more precise than DIN Class A and B specifications, respectively.

Certifications: Class A tolerances according to DIN EN ISO 1042.

Delivery information: Products will be supplied with an imprinted lot number and certificate.

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