Combined ion selective electrodes, sensION

供应商: Hach
HACH5192500EA 5550 CNY
HACH2348800 HACH5192500 HACH5192800
Combined ion selective electrodes, sensION
电极 ISE电极
These ion selective electrodes feature a replaceable gel reference electrolyte cartridge and a fixed cable with BNC connector. Compatible with Hach sensION, sensION+ and H-Series systems.

  • Replaceable gel electrolyte cartridge: Maximum life through reduced maintenance
  • Provide fast, stable, and accurate results
  • Easy to use
  • Analysis packages contain everything that is need for ISE measurements in one package

Nitrate analysis packages includes: sensION combination Platinum Series Nitrate ISE, 6-pack of replacement nitrate membrane modules, two replacement electrolyte cartridges, internal filling solution (50 ml), two Hach nitrate standard solutions (10 mg/L (500 ml) and 100 mg/L (500 ml)), Hach nitrate ionic strength adjustor (ISA) Powder Pillows (pack of 100), 50-ml beaker and ISE User Manual.

Delivery information: Electrodes are supplied with two replacement electrolyte cartridges and user manual.

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