pH/mV/ion meter, bench, sensION™+

供应商: Hach

HACHLPV2200970002EA 0 CNY
HACHLPV2200970002 HACHLPV2221T97002
pH/mV/ion meter, bench, sensION™+
电化学仪器 多参数测量仪
This multi-parameter pH and ion-meter is perfect for research laboratories. It provides two measuring channels for pH/ORP/redox/ISE and option for two magnetic stirrers.

  • Up to four ion selective calibration curves per channel; calibration with 2 to 5 standards
  • Several calibration modes: with automatic recognition of 3 buffer groups, at a determined pH value, etc.
  • Automatic buffer recognition: technical DIN 19267, DIN 19266 and up to 3 buffers chosen by the user
  • Data logger storage of up to 330 measurements per channel
  • RS232 C connectibility for printer or PC and connection for external PC, keyboard or barcode reader

Delivery information: Supplied with integrated magnetic stirrer and probe holder, power supply with interchangeable plugs, pH4, pH7 and pH10 calibration standard solutions (125 ml), KCl electrolyte solution (50 ml), 3 calibration beakers and printed documentation.

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