Capillary columns, HP-5ms

供应商: Agilent Technologies
HEWL19091S-433EA 0 CNY
HEWL19091S-331LTM HEWL19091S-331 HEWL19091S-231 HEWL19091S-133 HEWL19091S-436E HEWL19091S-333 HEWL19091S-112 HEWL19091S-233 HEWL19091S-431 HEWL19091S-113 HEWL19091S-213 HEWL19091S-313 HEWL19091S-577 HEWL19091S-433 HEWL19091S-436 HEWL19091S-413 HEWL19091S-413LTM HEWL19091S-336 HEWL19091S-416 HEWL19091S-101LTM HEWL19091S-577LTM HEWL19091S-433I HEWL19091S-102E HEWL19091S-112E HEWL19091S-233E HEWL19091S-433E HEWL19091S-431LTM HEWL19091S-413E HEWL19091S-101 HEWL19091S-102 HEWL19091S-433LTM HEWL29091S-433LTM HEWL19091S-105 HEWL19091S-102LTM
Capillary columns, HP-5ms
These columns have very low bleed characteristics that are ideal for GC/MS.

  • Specifically tested for inertness for active compounds including acidic and basic compounds
  • Improved signal-to-noise ratio for better sensitivity and mass spectral integrity
  • Bonded and cross-linked

5%-Phenyl-methylpolysiloxane, non-polar, solvent rinsable

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