X-Type syringes for sensitive chromatography applications

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X-Type syringes for sensitive chromatography applications
注射器 色谱用注射器
X-Type syringes are perfectly suited for sensitive LC samples such as proteins, peptides, phospholipids or smaller amines.

The syringe features a deactivated glass barrel and needle with an inorganic coating to prevent adsorption on the inner surfaces, resulting in nearly zero sample carryover. The coating creates a smooth inner barrel surface, leading to increased syringe lifetime by lowering friction during high speed applications while maintaining a perfect seal over the entire life of the syringe. The deactivated X-Type needle is directly attached to the barrel without using cement, further reducing the risk of sample carryover.

Fixed needle (FN) - This termination is found on CTC chromatography syringes. The unique design features a direct attachment of the needle to the barrel and eliminates contact between the sample solvent and the adhesive reducing carryover.

X-Type syringes are specially designed for the CTC LC PAL, HTC PAL, HTS PAL HTX PAL, PAL HTC-xt, PAL HTS-xt and PAL HTX-xt extended autosamplers sold under the following brands like AB Sciex, Agilent, Alpha M.O.S., Antek, Bruker, Dionex, GE, Gerstel, GL Sciences, Lauda, LEAP Technologies, MicroCal, MPS, Perichrom, Perkin Elmer, Shimadzu, Sotax, Thermo Scientific, Waters and Zoex.

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