Capillary columns, DB-624

供应商: Agilent Technologies
HEWL123-1334EA 0 CNY
HEWL222-1334LTM HEWL121-1324E HEWL121-1324LTM HEWL124-1334 HEWL121-1324 HEWL124-1374 HEWL122-1334E HEWL122-1364E HEWL221-1324LTM HEWL123-1334 HEWL122-1364 HEWL128-1324 HEWL125-1364 HEWL125-1334E HEWL123-1334LTM HEWL125-1314 HEWL122-1334 HEWL122-1334LTM HEWL128-1324LTM HEWL123-1364 HEWL125-1334LTM HEWL128-1314LTM HEWL125-13B4 HEWL124-1334LTM HEWL125-1364E HEWL125-1374E HEWL123-1364E HEWL125-13A4 HEWL125-1334 HEWL123-1334E HEWL128-1324E HEWL125-1374
Capillary columns, DB-624
These columns are recommended for EPA methods 502.2 and 8021, as well as for fast GC/MS volatiles analysis. They are specifically designed for the analysis of volatile priority pollutants and residual solvents.

  • Excellent inertness for active compounds
  • Bonded and cross-linked
  • Solvent rinsable

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