Cuvette washer, Vakuwash®, SP Bel-Art

供应商: Bel-Art
BELAF389600000EA 3100 CNY
Cuvette washer, Vakuwash®, SP Bel-Art
Economical, durable and gentle all-plastic washer for delicate glass or quartz cuvettes.

  • Mouth of an inverted cuvette is pressed against the rubber cushion to induce suction
  • Water or other cleaning fluid poured into the 89 mm (3½") Ø funnel is forcibly sprayed into the cuvette and then drains into the flask
  • Continued pressure on the cuvette creates an air flow which dries it
  • Final wash in acetone aids in removing water droplets
  • Minimum cuvette Int.Ø must be 9 mm or larger to form a seal over the spray nozzle

As long as the cuvette maintains pressure against the cushion, the continued force sets up a stream of air flow into the cuvette and drys it thoroughly. Any residual water droplets may be removed with a final rinse with acetone.

Delivery information: Supplied with 500 ml PP vacuum flask, Vikem® vinyl stopper and 3' PVC tubing ready for connection to a vacuum line.

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