Filter plates, 96-well, AcroPrep™

供应商: Pall Laboratory
PALL5047EA 2200 CNY
PALL5047 PALL5051 PALL5053 PALL5056 PALL5062 PALL5055 PALL5065 PALL5048 PALL5041
Filter plates, 96-well, AcroPrep™
微孔板 过滤板
These plates are constructed from chemically resistant, biologically-inert polypropylene. Available in a variety of membrane configurations with a serialised barcode label allows use in automated tracking systems.

  • Robotics-friendly design with singlepiece construction
  • Proprietary sealing technology individually seals each well, eliminating crosstalk along with extended flow directors to eliminate splattering and crosstalk of filtrate

Designed in accordance with the ANSI/SBS X-2004 specifications.

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