Spheroid microplates, Ultra-Low Attachment surface

供应商: Corning Life Sciences

CORN4520EA 23100 CNY
CORN4520 CORN4527 CORN4515 CORN3830 CORN4516
Spheroid microplates, Ultra-Low Attachment surface
微孔板 细胞培养板 Coated Plates
PS, black opaque microplate with optically clear bottom, with lid. The Ultra-Low Attachment surface is a covalently bound hydrogel layer that is hydrophilic and neutrally charged. The surface minimises cell attachment, protein absorption, and enzyme activation. It is ideal for culturing stem cells, as it promotes embryoid body formation from ES cells.

  • Well geometry aids formation of spheroids in centre of well
  • Non cytotoxic, biologically inert and non degradable surface
  • Sterilised by gamma radiation

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