Combined high speed plate/microtubeshaker/vortex mixer, MPS-1

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Combined high speed plate/microtubeshaker/vortex mixer, MPS-1
振荡器 涡流混合器
The MPS-1 is a compact universal shaker and single tube vortex mixer for vortexing tubes from 0,2 ml up to 50 ml or any skirted, semi-skirted and unskirted microplates and PCR plates, including deep well plates. This combined high speed shaker/vortex mixer includes a saw tooth pulse mode which provides more efficient mixing due to the constantly changing speed. The unit is ideal for applications in clinical/healthcare, pharmaceutical, education, research and industrial laboratories.

  • Two line LCD shows set and actual values
  • Adjustable speed range or 4 presets
  • Integral timer with audible alarm, from 1 up to 60 min or continuous mode
  • High speed shaking from 300 to 3200 min⁻¹ for difficult pellets or viscous samples
  • Low voltage power supply and low energy consumption
  • Can be used at 4 to 40 °C (80% relative humidity, non-condensing), in an incubator or cold room

Complies with IEC61010 parts one and two

Delivery information: Supplied with integral platform for single tube vortex, skirted microplates and/or deepwell plates and four accessory blocks, allowing 24×2 ml/1,5 ml; 32×0,5 ml; 24×0,5 ml plus 48×0,2 or 96×0,2 ml (or semi/unskirted PCR plates).

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