Anti-Mouse IgG Goat Polyclonal Antibody (Cy3®)

供应商: Cytiva
Anti-Mouse IgG Goat Polyclonal Antibody (Cy3®)
ECL Plex Cy2-, Cy3-, and Cy5-conjugated Antibodies are part of an optimized system for quantitative analysis using fluorescent Western blotting.

  • Soluble in cold water and hot water

ECL Plex Western Blotting System is optimized for single protein detection as well as multiplex protein detection using ECL Plex CyDye-Conjugated Secondary Antibodies and Hybond-LFP (low-fluorescent PVDF membrane) or Hybond ECL (nitrocellulose membrane). The optimized antibodies show high sensitivity, a very good dynamic range and low or no cross-reactivity. CyDye technology is dependable, reliable, and ensures accurate quantitation. The system is optimized on the Typhoon 9410 Scanner but is compatible with many fluorescent laser scanners and CCD cameras.

Products listed below are optimized for use with ECL Plex Western Blotting System:
ECL Plex CyDye-conjugated antibodies: A43009, PA43010, PA45009, PA45010, PA45011, PA45012
Hybond ECL: RPN2020D, RPN78D, RPN203D, and RPN3032D
Hybond-LFP: RPN2020LFP, RPN2020LFP3, RPN1416LFP, and RPN303LFP
ECL Plex fluorescent rainbow markers: RPN850 and RPN85
Blocking buffer: RPN412
ECL Plex combination packs: RPN998 and RPN999

Type: Secondary
Antigen: IgG (Mouse) (mouse IgG)
Clonality: polyclonal
Conjugation: Cy3®
Host: Goat
Isotype: none
Reactivity: Mouse

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