Capillary columns, DB-17

供应商: Agilent Technologies
HEWL122-1732EA 0 CNY
HEWL125-1704 HEWL125-1713LTM HEWL122-1762 HEWL125-1732LTM HEWL127-1712 HEWL127-1713 HEWL122-1732E HEWL121-1722 HEWL121-1723 HEWL122-1732LTM HEWL123-1732 HEWL123-1733 HEWL123-1711 HEWL125-1762 HEWL123-1732LTM HEWL123-1731 HEWL123-1733E HEWL123-1712 HEWL123-1713 HEWL122-1712 HEWL122-1733 HEWL125-1737 HEWL121-1722LTM HEWL122-1713 HEWL125-1732E HEWL125-1717 HEWL125-1732 HEWL125-1711 HEWL123-1762 HEWL125-1733 HEWL125-1712LTM HEWL122-1732 HEWL125-1712 HEWL122-1731 HEWL125-1713 HEWL127-1712LTM HEWL122-1713E HEWL122-1731E HEWL127-1722 HEWL123-1732E HEWL125-1731
Capillary columns, DB-17
These columns contain (50%-Phenyl)-methylpolysiloxane. They are excellent for confirmation analysis.

  • Solvent rinsable
  • Mid polarity
  • Equivalent to USP phase G3
  • Bonded and cross-linked

Max. temperature: 40 to 280/300 °C

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