Transport system for cooled samples, BioT™ ULT Transporter

供应商: BioCision
Transport system for cooled samples, BioT™ ULT Transporter
箱子 冷却/冷冻盒/袋
BioT™ ULT Transporter is a versatile ultra-low temperature system that maintains a stable <−70 to −50 °C throughout its entire 8" working depth over an eight hour period with the lid off, enabling secure handling, freezing, and transfer of temperature-sensitive biomaterial. With the lid on, the transporter maintains <−70 to −50 °C in the chamber for over 24 hours, enabling longer sample transport with virtually no temperature variation or risk of elevated temperatures that could compromise the valuable contents. The bottom 4 to 6" of the BioT ULT Transporter remain <=−70 °C for hours, simulating an ultra-low freezer environment and allowing the collection and freezing of biological samples at collection site.

  • Ready to use in approximately five minutes
  • Lightweight, easy to carry, cherry-picking, sorting
  • Helps in short term handling of critical samples outside −80 °C freezer
  • Feasibility of controlled-temperature transfer of frozen samples between laboratories and processing sites
  • Receiving or preparing frozen samples for shipment

Weight 3,6 kg

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