Anaerobic systems, Gas Pak

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Anaerobic systems, Gas Pak
Designed for the generation of anearobic, microaerophilic (reduced oxygen), or CO₂-enriched environments. The BD GasPak™ 100 and 150 self-contained anaerobic systems consist of one polycarbonate jar (vented or non-vented), lid with O-ring gasket, catalyst reaction chamber, BBL room temperature catalyst charges, one rack, and one tube holder.

  • GasPak EZ Container Systems offer waterless, catalyst-free convenience for use in producing anaerobic, microaerophilic or C0₂-enriched environments
  • GasPak EZ Pouch Systems offer the convenience of pouches integrated into a complete kit with everything you need to generate a pouch based anaerobic, microaerophilic or C0₂-enriched environment
  • GasPak Pouch is a self-contained system which, after the addition of water, will produce an anaerobic or microaerophil atmosphere

The BD GasPak™ 100 system features two catalyst charges; the BD GasPak™ 150 system features ten charges. These systems use hydrogen and carbon dioxide generator envelopes and do not require a vacuum pump, gas tank, manometer, or pressure reducing valve. The BD GasPak™ 100 system jar holds up to twelve 100mm dishes. The BD GasPak™ 150 system jar holds up to twelve 150mm petri dishes or thirty-six 100mm dishes. The BD GasPak™ 150 vent kit consists of a threaded vent, rubber tube, and a tubing clamp for converting a non-vented system into a vented system.

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