Human coronary artery smooth muscle cells

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POMOC-12511 POMOC-14052
Human coronary artery smooth muscle cells
Primary human coronary artery smooth muscle cells (HCASMC) are isolated from human coronary arteries and stain positive for smooth muscle α-actin. Coronary arteries supply the heart with blood and obstruction in atherosclerosis causes myocardial infarction. HCASMC are qualified to study the function of smooth muscle cells in the development of atherosclerotic plaques or in other diseases, like hypertension. They are also useful for stent-graft compatibility testing.

Pellets are stored in RNAlater®, an aqueous protection solution that rapidly permeates the cells and stabilises cellular DNA, RNA and proteins and protects them against degradation. Pellets are useful for a wide range of research applications, such as gene expression analysis, cell characterisation studies and protein characterisation experiments.

Delivery information: Human Coronary Artery Smooth Muscle Cells can be ordered as cryopreserved or proliferating cells. Cell pellets stored in RNAlater® are also available.

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