VWR®, 冻存盒,纸质,136×136毫米

供应商: Avantor
VWRI479-1406EA 53.72 CNY
VWRI479-1406 VWRI479-1403 VWRI479-1402 VWRI479-1405 VWRI479-1404 VWRI479-1481 VWRI479-1480 VWRI479-1482 VWRI479-1432 VWRI479-1630 VWRI479-1476 VWRI479-1475 VWRI479-1478 VWRI479-1632 VWRI479-1434 VWRI479-1631 VWRI479-1477 VWRI479-1433 VWRI479-1634 VWRI479-1436 VWRI479-1435 VWRI479-1633 VWRI479-1479 VWRI479-1635 VWRI479-1393 VWRI479-1392 VWRI479-1472 VWRI479-1395 VWRI479-1471 VWRI479-1394 VWRI479-1474 VWRI479-1473 VWRI479-1396 VWRI479-1627 VWRI479-1629 VWRI479-1628 VWRI479-1423 VWRI479-1422 VWRI479-1425 VWRI479-1424 VWRI479-1426 VWRI479-1454 VWRI479-1498 VWRI479-1453 VWRI479-1497 VWRI479-1412 VWRI479-1456 VWRI479-1455 VWRI479-1414 VWRI479-1458 VWRI479-1413 VWRI479-1457 VWRI479-1416 VWRI479-1415 VWRI479-1492 VWRI479-1491 VWRI479-1494 VWRI479-1493 VWRI479-1452 VWRI479-1496 VWRI479-1451 VWRI479-1495
VWR®, 冻存盒,纸质,136×136毫米
箱子 低温箱

  • Waterproof coating
  • Various combinations possible with different dividers (to be ordered separately)
  • Available in different heights and five colours

For storage of cryovials at low temperatures.

  • 防水涂层
  • 可提供配置不同分隔(需单独订购)的各种组合
  • 提供不同高度和5种颜色

可冷冻至-140 °C

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