Muffle furnaces, Thermolyne™

供应商: Thermo Scientific
BARNF30430CM-60EA 127325 CNY
THBRF30420C-33-80 THBRF48050-33 THBRF6020C-33 BARNF30430CM-60 BARNF30420C-33 THBRFB1410M-33 THBRF47920-33 THBRF47920-33-80 BARNF47915 THBRF47910-33 THBRF6020C-33-60 THBRF6020C-33-80 THBRF30430CM-33-60 THBRF48010-33 BARNF6020C BARNF6010 THBRF48020-33-80 THBRF47950-33 THBRF6030CM-33-60 THBRF30420-33-6080 THBRF48020-33 THBRFB1310M-33 THBRF30420C-33 THBRF6030CM-33 BARNFB1315M BARNFB1410M THBRF30430CM-33 BARNF30430CM THBRF6020C-33-6080
Muffle furnaces, Thermolyne™
Thermolyne™ muffle furnaces offer heating solutions for a number of application needs, from general laboratory use to industrial applications. Units are ideal for fast heat up and temperature control up to 1200 °C. The furnaces are used for chemical analysis, materials testing, determination of volatiles in waste water treatment plants, industrial plants, pharmaceutical and cosmetic companies, environmental laboratories, agriculture laboratories and paper manufacturers.

  • Fast heat up times and outstanding energy efficiency
  • Range of capacity from 1,3 to 45 litres
  • Four different digital controllers

Thermolyne™ ashing furnaces with air flow control are ideal for coal and coke ashing and temperature control up to 975 °C.

Delivery information: Controllers: A1: single set-point control. B1: single set-point control with 1 ramp to set point and a dwell. C1: with 1 stored programme of 8 segments. D1: with 4 stored programmes (16 segments each) and RS232 communication. All controllers (except A1) have mechanical over temperature protection. All models require 240 V, 50/60 Hz.

Caution: Maximum continuous operating temperature should be 50 °C below the 'Max. temp.' of the model shown in the table above.

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