VWR®, Cell Culture Insert Plates, PC

供应商: Avantor

VWRI734-2739EA 1404 CNY
VWRI734-2739 VWRI734-2717 VWRI734-2728 VWRI734-2726 VWRI734-2715 VWRI734-2737 VWRI734-2716 VWRI734-2738 VWRI734-2727 VWRI734-2731 VWRI734-2720 VWRI734-2742 VWRI734-2732 VWRI734-2721 VWRI734-2743 VWRI734-2744 VWRI734-2722 VWRI734-2733 VWRI734-2745
VWR®, Cell Culture Insert Plates, PC
微孔板 插入板和插入物
该插入板配有薄型半透明聚碳酸酯膜,带0.1-12.0 μm孔径。

  • 经处理,实现最佳细胞附着
  • 装配孔板
  • 耐受大多固色剂和染色剂

Temperature range: –20 to +50 °C.

Certifications: ISO 9001, ISO 13485.

Packaging: Individually packed in recyclable PET.

Caution: Inserts are not autoclavable.

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