Cell culture plates

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Cell culture plates
微孔板 细胞培养板
Multiwell polystyrene culture plates suitable for expansion and culture of adherent and suspension cells, the performance of cell-based assays or microscopic analysis. Available with either tissue culture-treated surfaces (for adherent cells) or non-treated (for suspension cells).

  • Easy and fast well identification by contrast-rich individual well ID and OptiTrack® alphanumeric labelling
  • Moat surrounding the outer wells prevents the 'edge effect' when filled with liquid
  • Chimney-well design enables filling of the inter well spaces of the complete plate, levelling out well-to-well temperature shifts outside the incubator
  • Lid and plate bottom can easily be distinguished providing extra safety in transportation and stacking
  • Free from detectable pyrogens, RNase and DNase, DNA; non cytotoxic

The new chimney-well design avoids inhomogeneous growth of cells in the outer ring of wells which reduces costs and increases efficiency. If cells need to spend more time outside of the incubator, filling the inter-well spaces of the plate will keep the temperature stable and prevent unwanted temperature shifts. The lid and plate bottom can easily be differentiated due to a pronounced corrugation and wider sized base providing extra safety in transportation and stacking.

Certifications: Conforms to ANSI/SBS I. 96-well plates conform to ANSI/SBS I to V.

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