ICP-MS tuning solutions

供应商: Agilent Technologies
HEWL5190-0465EA 0 CNY
HEWL5190-0465 HEWL5188-6564 HEWL5184-3566 HEWL5185-5959 HEWL5188-6524
ICP-MS tuning solutions
标准品 Cationic Standards Multi-Element Standards
PA Tuning solution set includes Tuning 1 and Tuning 2 solutions.

Tuning 1: 20 ppm each of Zn, Be, Cd, As; 10 ppm each of Ni, Pb, Mg; 5 ppm each of Tl, Na, Al, U, Cu, Th, Ba, Co, Sr, V, Cr, Mn, 6Li, Sc, In, Lu, Bi; 2,5 ppm each of Y, Yb; matrix 2 to 5% HNO₃
Tuning 2: 10 ppm each of Mo, Sb, Sn, Ge, Ru, Pd; 5 ppm of Ti, Ir; matrix 10% HCl and 1% HNO₃ with trace amounts of HF.

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