Test sieves, 305×40 mm

供应商: Retsch
RETS60.159.000500EA 0 CNY
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Test sieves, 305×40 mm
筛子 试验筛
Sieves made from 316 stainless steel are individually laser engraved with clear and precise labelling for full traceability. They are fully compatible with Retsch's existing products and can be combined with other sieves without problems.

  • Sieve bodies are made in one piece and the absence of hollow spaces prevents cross-contamination
  • High corrosion resistance and easy to clean
  • Maximum stability and optimal sealing of the sieve stack, 15% less weight than traditional sieves

Sieve meshes, frames and labeling comply with standards. The sieves are tested five times and are delivered with test report.

Certifications: An individual inspection certificate for test materials monitoring according to ASTM E 11 is also available on request.

订购须知 Sieves and accessories of other dimensions are available on request. Also available with perforated plate, round or square. For a full overview, please go to www.vwr.com.

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