VWR®, carboy,窄口,耐用型,圆形,带螺旋盖

供应商: VWR

VWRI216-1707EA 1577.75 CNY
VWRI216-1707 VWRI216-1709
VWR®, carboy,窄口,耐用型,圆形,带螺旋盖
PP, translucent, with purple screw cap.

  • Excellent chemical resistance
  • Suitable for use from 0 to +135 °C
  • Graduated to identify the volume dispensed
  • Carboys feature an integrated shoulder handle

Use for storing and dispensing solutions and media. Ideal for sterile water storage, polypropylene carboys can be autoclaved before refilling to stop recurring bacterial growth.

  • 优良的耐腐蚀性
  • 非常适合在0-135℃的温度范围内使用
  • 带刻度显示,可查看分配的液量
  • carboy带一体化瓶肩手柄


Certifications: 树脂符合US FDA21 CFR和USP VI类的要求

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