HPLC columns, Avantor® ACE® C18-PFP, 5 µm

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Avantor® ACE®
ACETACE-1210-7520EA 25300 CNY
ACETACE-1210-7520 ACETACE-1210-1020 ACETACE-1210-05003 ACETACE12100120GD ACETACE-1210-0530 ACETACE-1210-2510 ACETACE-1210-1220 ACETACE-1210-1508 ACETACE-1210-3046 ACETACE-1210-3002 ACETACE-1210-3003 ACETACE-12100110GD ACETACE-1210-3004 ACETACE-1210-1504 ACETACE-1210-1503 ACETACE12101546MVK ACETACE-1210-1546 ACETACE-1210-1502 ACETACE-1210-10003 ACETACE-1210-10001 ACETACE-1210-3030 ACETACE12102500075 ACETACE1210005003G ACETACE-1210-2546 ACETACE-1210-0246 ACETACE-1210-2502 ACETACE-1210-0202 ACETACE-1210-0203 ACETACE-1210-0520 ACETACE-1210-1530 ACETACE-1210-1010 ACETACE-1210-2508 ACETACE-1210-30003 ACETACE-12100103GD ACETACE-1210-2504 ACETACE-1210-2503 ACETACE12101500075 ACETACE-1210-3020 ACETACE-1210-03003 ACETACE-1210-3504 ACETACE-1210-1204 ACETACE-1210-0510 ACETACE-1210-1203 ACETACE-1210-1004 ACETACE-1210-1202 ACETACE-1210-1246 ACETACE-1210-1003 ACETACE-1210-1520 ACETACE-1210-1002 ACETACE-1210-1046 ACETACE-1210-2530 ACETACE-1210-7502 ACETACE-1210-7546 ACETACE-1210-75003 ACETACE-1210-7503 ACETACE-1210-7504 ACETACE-1210-3546 ACETACE-1210-3502 ACETACE-1210-1008 ACETACE-1210-3503 ACETACE-1210-12003 ACETACE-1210-3010 ACETACE-1210-7530 ACETACE-1210-1030 ACETACE-1210-25003 ACETACE12101000075 ACETACE-1210-25001 ACETACE-1210-0302 ACETACE12102546MVK ACETACE-1210-0346 ACETACE-1210-1510 ACETACE-1210-2520 ACETACE-1210-15003 ACETACE-1210-0508 ACETACE-12100102GD ACETACE-1210-0503 ACETACE-1210-0504 ACETACE-1210-15001 ACETACE-1210-0303 ACETACE-1210-0546 ACETACE-1210-0502
HPLC columns, Avantor® ACE® C18-PFP, 5 µm
Avantor® ACE® C18-PFP phase utilises a specially developed ligand combining a C18 chain with integral PFP functionality. This results in a phase that maintains the hydrophobic, stability and low bleed characteristics of leading C18 phases, yet provides the multiple retention mechanisms of a PFP phase.

  • Ultra-high purity, base deactivated silica with exceptional reproducibility
  • Ideal for a wide range of analytes differing in hydrophobicity
  • Wide range of particle sizes (1.7 µm to 10 µm) and complementary phases
  • Also useful for analytes with π-bonding or electron or proton donor groups
  • Ultra-low bleed to ensure LC/MS compatibility
  • Method validation kits contain three different batches of the same phase - available on request

Due to its integral pentafluorophenyl functionality, Avantor® ACE® C18-PFP is also recommended for separations that involve halogenated aromatic compounds, regioisomers, and those analytes with differing shape constraints.

These columns are made from stainless steel.

订购须知 Method development and validation kits are available on request. Please contact chromsupport@avantorsciencs.com.

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