HPLC columns, Avantor® ACE® C18-300, 5 µm

供应商: Avantor®
ACETACE-221-25005SEA 9900 CNY
ACETACE-221-25005S ACETACE-221-7501S ACETACE-221-03005S ACETACE-221-12005S ACETACE-221-2501S ACETACE-221-0101GD ACETACE-221-25005 ACETACE-221-1501S ACETACE-221-75005S ACETACE-221-1001 ACETACE-221-1501 ACETACE-221-3501 ACETACE-221-15005S ACETACE-221-1201 ACETACE-221-15005 ACETACE-221-7501 ACETACE-221-30005 ACETACE-221-05005 ACETACE-221-0301S ACETACE-221-03005 ACETACE-221-05005S ACETACE-221-10005S ACETACE-221-0501S ACETACE-221-1001S ACETACE-221-0501 ACETACE-221-10005 ACETACE-221-75005 ACETACE-221-12005 ACETACE-221-1201S ACETACE-221-2501 ACETACE-221-0301 ACETACE-221-35005
HPLC columns, Avantor® ACE® C18-300, 5 µm
Avantor® ACE® C18-300 columns provide great reproducibility and column lifetime. These stainless steel columns are available in a wide range of particle sizes and dimensions from capillary to preparative. These columns are designed for a wide range of chromatographic applications, to provide great performance with acidic, basic and neutral molecules. These columns provide excellent peak shape even at extremely low levels of additives such as TFA, making them ideal for LC/MS applications.

  • Designed for peptide and protein separations
  • Ultra high purity, base deactivated silica with exceptional reproducibility
  • Ideal for a wide range of analytes differing in hydrophobicity
  • Wide range of particle sizes (3 to 10 µm) and complementary phases

Maximum recommended pH 2,0 to 8,0

Max. pressure: 400 bar

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