1000 and 1700 series Gastight® syringes for PSD/4 syringe pumps

供应商: Hamilton
HAMI5495-15EA 1975 CNY
HAMI5495-15 HAMI5495-25 HAMI5495-38 HAMI5495-22 HAMI5495-55 HAMI5495-10 HAMI5495-35 HAMI5495-45 HAMI5495-40 HAMI5495-50 HAMI5495-20 HAMI5495-30
1000 and 1700 series Gastight® syringes for PSD/4 syringe pumps
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Syringes for the PSD/4 syringe pump are available with a standard PTFE tipped plunger and with a long life UHMWPE (Ultra High Molecular Weight Poly Ethylene) plunger tip. The stroke length of a PSD/4 syringe is 30 mm.

Syringe terminations:

TLL, PTFE® Luer Lock
This termination has a PTFE, male Luer taper with nickel plated brass locking hub for use with Kel-F needles, metal hub needles and universal connectors. Also, the TLL is used with Hamilton Diluters/Dispensers, OEM applications and manual operations. Autoclavable when disassembled, except on 25 ml and greater syringes. Repeated autoclaving will shorten syringe life.

Plunger types:

This plunger is used for syringes 500 µl and smaller intended for use in an automated syringe pump. A special plunger button protects the delicate plunger wire by stopping the pump at the zero line before damaging the tip. The stop also provides a 6-32 threaded hole that is used to mount the plunger into the syringe drive.

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