VWR®, 微管储箱

供应商: Avantor

VWRI525-0934EA 632.68 CNY
VWRI525-0934 VWRI525-0933 VWRI525-0932 VWRI525-0931 VWRI525-0930 VWRI525-0941 VWRI525-0940 VWRI525-0929 VWRI525-0928 VWRI525-0939 VWRI525-0927 VWRI525-0938 VWRI525-0937 VWRI525-0926 VWRI525-0925 VWRI525-0936 VWRI525-0935
VWR®, 微管储箱
箱子 低温箱

  • Highly transparent, with bold identifying colours and a distinctive wave design
  • Uniform wells with location ID; capacity indicated on the outside of the box
  • Black light-tight version available for light-sensitive samples
  • Frosted labelling patch
  • Alphanumeric identification on the bottom

  • 高透明度,具有醒目的识别颜色和独特的波浪设计
  • 孔均匀一致,带位置ID。盒外部有容量指示
  • 具有黑色不透光版,用于存放光敏样品
  • 磨砂贴标

Compact footprint for microtube and cryogenic vial storage. Store 1,5/2,0 ml microtubes or cryogenic vials. Complete with an easy open, friction-fit lid. Will fit into most standard freezer racking.

Delivery information: Assorted pack contains one of each colour blue, green, pink, yellow and orange.

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