Tubing, silicone

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VWRU89068-436EA 2478.6 CNY
VWRU89068-436 VWRU89068-454 VWRU89068-474 VWRU89068-432 VWRU89068-468 VWRU89068-442 VWRU89068-456 VWRU89068-488 VWRU89068-478 VWRU89068-444 VWRU89068-434 VWRU89068-490 VWRU89068-484
Tubing, silicone
胶管 硅胶管
Platinum-cured silicone tubing is flexible, durable, low volatile grade, and translucent. This tubing is ideal for a variety of transfer applications such as pharmaceutical, laboratory, food and beverage, and bioprocess manufacturing. It features an ultra-smooth interior surface that provides uniform fluid flow and resistance to bacteria build-up.

  • Can be sterilised by autoclaving and gamma-irradiation
  • Imparts no taste or odour to critical stream

Certifications: Meets USP Class VI; USP 661 (Physicochemical Tests); ISO10993, EP 3.1.9, 3-A standards and FDA CFR 177.2600.

订购须知 Available in single polyethylene pack 50' coil lengths with quality control and lot traceability.

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