VWR®, Covers and Pans for Test Sieves

供应商: VWR
VWRU57334-648EA 651.11 CNY
VWRU57334-656 VWRU57334-648 VWRU57334-658 VWRU57334-660 VWRU57334-640 VWRU57334-662 VWRU57334-650 VWRU57334-642 VWRU57334-652 VWRU57334-644 VWRU57334-654
VWR®, Covers and Pans for Test Sieves
盘子/皿/盆 实验室盘子/皿
These durable 8" diameter (203,2 mm) pans and covers fit all VWR® 8" diameter test sieves.

  • Half height (25,4 mm) or full height (50,8 mm) pans are available in brass or stainless steel
  • Pans with extended rims can be used for running multiple tests simultaneously

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