Clamps, two pronged, VWR®

供应商: VWR, part of Avantor
VWRU89202-618EA 1625 CNY
VWRU89202-618 VWRU89202-612 VWRU21570-120 VWRU21570-115 VWRU21570-109
Clamps, two pronged, VWR®
夹具 通用夹具
Zinc, nickel plated. These clamps with single or dual adjustment securely holds laboratory glassware and apparatus. Ideal for holding beakers, flasks, and test tubes.

  • Large grip adjustment range
  • Two-prong construction

Extension arm attaches clamp head securely and offers easy positioning in the deepest fume hoods. Clamps are constructed with round extension arms that allow the clamps to be rotated 360°. Extension arms also allow placement of apparatus at various distances from lab frames without compromising the integrity of the experiment.

Delivery information: Supplied with non slip vinyl sleeves, and for temperatures above 100 °C (212 °F), fiberglass covers. An additional holder must be purchased in order to attach clamps to frames or other apparatus.

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