VWR® Talon® II, Clamps, three pronged

供应商: VWR
VWR® Talon®
VWRU21572-800EA 1132.76 CNY
VWRU21572-800 VWRU21572-803 VWRU21572-802 VWRU21572-805 VWRU21572-804
VWR® Talon® II, Clamps, three pronged
夹具 通用夹具
Steel, nickel plated. These clamps holds irregular shapes easily. They feature precise pressure regulation to reduce glassware breakage.

  • Open yoke design allows full depth of the clamp to be used, unobstructed by the yoke, springs, or adjusting screws
  • Narrow profile on single adjustment clamps; variable holding angle on dual adjustment clamps
  • Design is easy to clean and decontaminate
  • Distinctive nickel finish for maximum protection against corrosion

Delivery information: Supplied with non slip vinyl sleeves and fibreglass covers for temperatures above 100 °C.

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