Magnetic stirring bars, polygonal, Spinbar®

供应商: VWR Collection
VWR® Spinbar®
VWRU74950-290EA 87 CNY
VWRU74950-290 VWRU58948-985 VWRU58948-980 VWRU74950-288 VWRU58948-982 VWRU58948-983 VWRU74950-300 VWRU74950-286 VWRU58948-986 VWRU58948-988 VWRU74950-296 VWRU58948-072 VWRU74950-294 VWRU74950-298 VWRU58948-984 VWRU74950-292 VWRU58948-080 VWRU58948-981 VWRU74950-284
Magnetic stirring bars, polygonal, Spinbar®
搅拌器 磁力搅拌子
PTFE covered with strong Alnico V magnetic core. The multifaceted surfaces add turbulence relative to smooth cylindrical bars of a similar size.

  • Autoclave safe
  • Pivot ring minimises the contact area between the bar and the vessel

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