Gas regulators with stainless steel diaphragms, multi stage

供应商: VWR Collection
VWRU55850-422EA 4700 CNY
VWRU55850-422 VWRU55850-412 VWRU55850-424 VWRU55850-414 VWRU55850-426
Gas regulators with stainless steel diaphragms, multi stage
VWR® Multistage gas regulators feature safe, accurate and sensitive delivery of reduced pressure. Assembly features include: high-pressure valve, low-pressure valve, intermediate pressure relief valve between the two stages, back cap vent holes and bonnet vent holes. High and low pressure PTFE encapsulated seat. Regulator damage from contaminants is minimal.

  • Solderless construction for easy maintenance
  • Solid forged brass body contains two regulators
  • First stage reduces full cylinder pressure to 90%
  • Sintered inlet filter removes particulates, tank scale and rust from gas stream
  • Stainless steel diaphragms

Note: For non corrosive gases only.

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