Fluorometer cuvettes, Spectrosil®

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VWRU414004-064EA 0 CNY
VWRU414004-064 VWRU414004-057 VWRU414004-056
Fluorometer cuvettes, Spectrosil®
比色皿 分光光度计比色皿
Standard rectangular cells manufactured from Spectrosil® quartz for accurate readings over the entire UV range to near infrared range.

  • Far UV quartz
  • Wavelength range of 170 to 2700 nm
  • Cells exhibit a transmission tolerance within 1,5% at 200 nm

Due to the fully heat-fused construction (no intermediate materials or adhesives) and careful annealing to remove any strain, there is no optical or physical distortion of the four optically polished windows.

Lids and stoppers are made of polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) except cell 414004-057 which features a closed-top polymer screw cap with a silicone rubber gasket.

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