Cryogenic labels

供应商: VWR, part of Avantor
VWRU89097-574EA 1020 CNY
VWRU10123-828 VWRU89097-574 VWRU89097-572 VWRU89097-594 VWRU89097-592 VWRU89097-590 VWRU10123-870 VWRU10123-872 VWRU10123-830 VWRU10123-832 VWRU10123-856 VWRU10123-758 VWRU89097-578 VWRU89097-598 VWRU89097-576 VWRU10123-838 VWRU89097-586 VWRU89097-584 VWRU89097-582 VWRU89097-580 VWRU89129-294 VWRU10123-760 VWRU10123-860 VWRU10123-762 VWRU10123-862 VWRU10123-764 VWRU10123-820 VWRU10123-864 VWRU10123-766 VWRU89097-602 VWRU10123-866 VWRU10123-844 VWRU10123-768 VWRU89097-600 VWRU10123-868 VWRU10123-848 VWRU89097-588
Cryogenic labels
These VWR® cryogenic labels are ideal for all cryostorage, liquid nitrogen, refrigeration and ultra-low temperature freezer applications.

  • Can be placed in most incubators
  • Unique adhesive that can withstand extreme temperatures from −196 to +121 °C without the need for lamination

Laser printer label sheets are in a size of 216×279 mm.

Delivery information: Rolls of labels are delivered on a 44 mm Ø core.

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