Water sampling bottles, HDPE, wide neck, TraceClean®, VWR®

供应商: VWR Collection
VWRU89094-094EA 2400.83 CNY
VWRU89094-102 VWRU89094-110 VWRU89094-108 VWRU89094-096 VWRU89094-094 VWRU89094-098
Water sampling bottles, HDPE, wide neck, TraceClean®, VWR®
HDPE, translucent.

  • Available with poly-foam lined caps
  • For use in collecting clays, slurries, and sediment matrices for use in geotechnical, environmental, toxicity characteristic leaching procedure (TCLP) metals, inorganic compounds, and benthic organism studies

Processed (PC) and Quality-Assured® (QA) bottles follow EPA cleaning procedures listed in the OSWER Directive 9240.0-05A 'Specifications and Guidance for Contaminant-Free Sample Containers.' QA packers include a certificate of analysis in every case. QA packers also include bar codes with lot number and individual container number for complete traceability. Not Processed (NPC) packers do not receive the specialty cleaning process. All cases are custody-sealed to ensure content integrity.

Caution: *The product(s) on this page are outside the scope of the EU Directive 2019/904

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