Ion exchange chromatography column, HiPrep™ SP HP

供应商: Cytiva
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Ion exchange chromatography column, HiPrep™ SP HP
HiPrep SP HP 16/10 is a strong cation exchanger designed for preparative ion exchange chromatography separations. This 20 mL column is prepacked with SP Sepharose High Performance chromatography resin. The resin is based on rigid, highly cross-linked beaded agarose with a mean bead diameter of 34 µm for high resolution separations.

  • For high-performance preparative scale separations where high efficiency and high resolution are desired
  • Highly cross-linked agarose provides excellent chemical and physical stability
  • Slim, modern design allows for easy handling and connection

High mechanical strength of the matrix allows for high flow rates, together with outstanding resolution. Capacities vary according to the protein applied and its concentration. Loading capacity will also vary depending on the salt concentration, pH, and temperature at which the protein is applied.

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