Ion exchange chromatography column, HiPrep™ Q HP

供应商: Cytiva
GEHE29-0181-82EA 0 CNY
Ion exchange chromatography column, HiPrep™ Q HP
HiPrep Q HP is a 20 ml strong anion exchange chromatography column for high resolution small-scale protein purification.

  • Packed with Q Sepharose High Performance strong quarternary ammonium anion exchange resin.
  • Small (34 µm) bead size delivers high-performance, high-resolution purifications.
  • 20 ml HiPrep column format compatible with single-pump configurations and chromatography systems such as ÄKTA systems

The Q functional group is a quaternary amino group coupled to the matrix via chemically stable ether linkages. Q Sepharose High Performance is a strong anion exchanger charged with high loading capacity over broad pH ranges.

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