Pipette tips, LTS®, for Rainin pipettes

供应商: Mettler-Toledo
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Pipette tips, LTS®, for Rainin pipettes
These thin-wall tips are designed for use with RAININ Pipet-Lite, Pipet-Plus and EDP3-Plus pipettes with LTS LiteTouch Tip Ejection System. 1200 µl tips are specifically designed for use with RAININ E12-1200 and E8-1200 multi-channel pipettes. The unique design prevents drop formation and eliminates the need for touch-off between dispenses. The tips are available in different packaging options.

  • Virgin PP, sterile or non sterile
  • Wide orifice tips (1,5 mm) minimise shear forces on delicate samples and flow resistance for viscous samples
  • Extended length tips (102 mm long) will reach into the bottom of blocks, tall vials, flasks, 100 mm tubes etc.
  • Low retention tips feature an ultra-hydrophobic tip surface that minimises liquid retention; ideal for pipetting proteins, enzymes and DNA
  • 20 ml tips have graduation marks

- Packaged in zip-lock bags
- Very economical

Racks with removable cover
- Sealed bottoms and overlapping lids protect tips from dust, dirt and micro-organisms
- Two-position lid allows autoclaving with the lid in vent position
- Sturdy shelf construction allows easy tip loading with single and multi-channel pipettes

Green-Pak® Individual Refills and Green-Pak® SpaceSaver® Refills
- Environmentally friendly refills for racks; less plastic waste
- Individual refills contain 96 tips in 8×12 format, sealed in a shell of Code 1 PET recyclable plastic
- Each refill is completely sealed to protect the tips; hands and fingers never contact the tips during loading
- SpaceSaver® systems are provided with either eight or ten stacked refills
- SpaceSaver® refills are packaged in a code 1 PET sleeve which functions as an automatic tip dispenser that aligns and refills an empty rack with 96 tips at a time

StableStak™ racks
- 960 tips in five stacked double-96 racks
- Strong, flat trays for even tip loading
- Ideal for multi-channel pipetting in high-production environments
- Saves time, space and plastic waste

- 192 tips in one double-96 rack
- Each StableRak™ contains 192 tips in one rack instead of two

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