Pipette tips, traditional

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RAIN30389186EA 1025 CNY
RAIN30389263 RAINRC-2000 RAIN30389264 RAIN30389186 RAINRT-20F RAIN17001127 RAIN30389266 RAINGPR-10G RAIN17002378 RAINRC-10MLS RAIN17002410 RAIN17005939 RAIN17002413 RAINRT-100F RAINSR-100F RAINGPR-250 RAINGT-10-6 RAINRC-10/10 RAIN30389258 RAIN17002416 RAIN30389267 RAINRC-1000/10 RAINSS-250S RAIN30389259 RAINGT-060 RAIN30389183 RAIN30389279 RAINGT-10-4 RAIN17002379 RAIN17001121 RAINRT-200F RAINRT-1000S RAIN17001975 RAINGT-250-6 RAIN30389175 RAINRC-250/10 RAIN17005084 RAIN30389165_U RAINRC-2500 RAIN30389163 RAINRC-10 RAIN17002411 RAINSR-20F RAINSR-200F RAIN17002422 RAINSR-250 RAINRC-5000 RAIN30389191 RAINRT-2000F RAIN17001126 RAIN30389178 RAIN30389199 RAINRT-250S RAIN17002907 RAINRT-1000F RAIN17002375 RAIN17002376 RAINRC-10G RAIN30389193 RAINSS-250 RAIN17002421 RAIN30389260 RAINGPS-250 RAIN30389174 RAIN17001122 RAIN30389265 RAINGT-10-2 RAIN17002418 RAINRC-250W RAIN17001117 RAINGT-250-2 RAIN17005083 RAIN17002377 RAINRC-250 RAIN17001116 RAINRT-2000S RAIN17002417 RAINRT-10S RAINHR-1000W RAINRC-1000 RAINRC-10ML RAIN30389268 RAIN30389262 RAINGT-250-4 RAIN30389168 RAIN17002415 RAINSS-300 RAIN30389181 RAIN30389269 RAIN30389281 RAIN30389287 RAIN30389164 RAINSR-300F RAIN30389172 RAIN30389185 RAINGPS-10G RAIN17002420 RAIN30389261 RAIN17002908 RAIN30389285 RAIN30389189 RAIN17002380 RAINRC-10G/10 RAIN30389283 RAIN30389289
Pipette tips, traditional
These thin-wall tips are designed to fit RAININ and Pipetman pipettes with conical shafts, Eppendorf and Labsystems pipettes. Some tips feature a hydrophobic filter which forms a barrier against aerosols and liquids eliminating potential sample and pipette cross contamination.

  • Filtered and pre-sterilised bioclean tips are gamma-irradiated
  • ShaftGard tips are longer than standard tips for easy access into microcentrifuge and PCR tubes
  • Wide orifice tips minimise shear forces on delicate samples and flow resistance for viscous samples

The tips are available in different packaging options:

Racks with removable cover
- Sealed bottoms and overlapping lids protect tips from dust, dirt and micro-organisms
- Two-position lid allows autoclaving with the lid in vent position
- Sturdy shelf construction allows easy tip loading with single and multi-channel pipettes

Green-Pak® Individual Refills and Green-Pak® SpaceSaver® Refills
- Environmentally friendly refills for racks; less plastic waste
- Individual refills contain 96 tips in 8×12 format, sealed in a shell of Code 1 PET recyclable plastic
- Each refill is completely sealed to protect the tips; hands and fingers never come in contact with tips during loading
- SpaceSaver® systems are provided with either eight or ten stacked refills
- SpaceSaver® refills are packaged in a code 1 PET sleeve which functions as an automatic tip dispenser that aligns and refills an empty rack with 96 tips at a time

- Packaged in zip-lock bags
- Very economical

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