VWR®, Standards for water determination by the Karl Fischer method

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VWRC85449.100EA 1616 CNY
VWRC85449.100 VWRC88427.004 VWRC85487.004 VWRC88435.004 VWRC85483.020 VWRC85483.005 VWRC85487.008 VWRC85483.002 VWRC85488.260 VWRC85484.005 VWRC88428.100 VWRC88428.001 VWRC85484.020 VWRC88427.008 VWRC88432.100 VWRC85484.002 VWRC85692.100 VWRC85485.002 VWRC85489.260 VWRC85485.020 VWRC85485.005 VWRC88433.005 VWRC85488.290 VWRC85488.230 VWRC88429.008 VWRC85482.005 VWRC88434.004
VWR®, Standards for water determination by the Karl Fischer method
标准品 Water Determination (by Karl Fischer method) Standards
The tightening of regulatory requirements and the increasing demands of QA/QC methodology is becoming more important across all market sectors. The demand for standards to support testing methods continues to increase, and this growth applies to water determination according to Karl Fischer. Avantor now offers a complete range of Karl Fischer water standards as CRMs to calibrate and monitor equipment and check test results.

  • CRMs acc. to ISO 17025 / ISO 17034
  • CRM acc. to ASTM (in liquid petroleum)
  • Broad product range for both volumetric + KF coulometric titrations and indirect oven method
  • Liquid and solid water standards available
  • Supplied with a detailed Certificate of Analysis

Our range of Karl Fischer water standards are Certified Reference Materials acc to ISO 17025 and ISO 17034. The standards are available both in liquid and solid form.

We also offer a range of Karl Fischer water standards as CRM for determination in liquid petroleum according to ASTM. The water content in standards in liquid petroleum is determined using the ASTM D6304 method.

Certifications: The water standards in liquid petroleum conform to ASTM D1744, E1064, D4377

Packaging: When the Cat. No. (Pk) ends with a
0.005 then it is 10×5 ml
0.002 then it is 10×2 ml
0.020 then it is 5×20 ml

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