Isolator gloves, EPDM, AlphaTec®

供应商: Ansell
ANSE85-500/9.5EA 0 CNY
ANSE85-500/9.5 ANSE85-501/9.5 ANSE85-504/11 ANSE85-502/9.5 ANSE85-505/11 ANSE85-504/9.5 ANSE85-505/9.5 ANSE85-503/9.5 ANSE85-500/11 ANSE85-503/11 ANSE85-502/11 ANSE85-501/11
Isolator gloves, EPDM, AlphaTec®
These gloves made of diene ethylene propylene rubber (EPDM) are resistant against hydrogen peroxide solutions and common disinfecting chemicals.

  • High-quality material, in compliance with FDA CFR21 (food contact approved)
  • Comfortable and dexterous with great tactile sensitivity
  • Resist aging from exposure to oxygen, UV rays and ozone
  • Withstand temperatures up to 130 °C for repeated sterilisation
  • Halogen-free: Suitable for disposal by incineration
  • Heavy-weight version: Increased thickness (0,6 mm) for added durability

Designed for repeated autoclave sterilisation (up to 50 times), reducing the need for glove replacements. Ideal for use in pharmaceuticals and electronics.

Certifications: EN ISO 374-1 Type B (KLP), EN ISO 374-5 VIRUS, EN 388 (2111A); Cat. III

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