Round cover glasses, Menzel Gläser

供应商: Epredia

Menzel Gläser
MENZCB00320RA140EA 2370.64 CNY
MENZCB00190RA220 MENZCB00120RA020 MENZCB00320RA140 MENZCB00500RA140 MENZCB00220RA223 MENZCB00400RA140 MENZCB00190RA020 MENZCB00190RA120 MENZCB00090RA120 MENZCB00120RA2 MENZCB00350RA140 MENZCB00050RA120 MENZCB00180RAC20 MENZCB00150RA220 MENZCB00100RAC20 MENZCB00130RA120 MENZCB00300RAC40 MENZCB00250RAC MENZCB00150RAC20 MENZCB00080RA120 MENZCB00190RAC20 MENZCB00060RA120 MENZCB00250RA033 MENZCB00120RAC20 MENZCB00220RAC20 MENZCB00130RAC MENZCB00250RA233
Round cover glasses, Menzel Gläser
The cover slips made of pure white glass of hydrolytic class 1.

Suitable for in vitro diagnostic (IVD) applications.

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