Water purification system, PURELAB® 7000

供应商: ELGA LabWater
ELGAPB7060XXM1-230EA 176450 CNY
Water purification system, PURELAB® 7000
超纯水系统 纯水和超纯水系统
The PURELAB 7000 series is designed for applications requiring higher flows of Type II water or as a pure water feed system for small distribution loops. The system can supply water from the internal 50 L reservoir at varying flow rates or can feed into much larger vessels as required.

  • Small high purity distribution system with variable flow rates
  • Auto rinse and simple sanitization procedures maintain the purity of water for the life of the system
  • Easy-access doors and castors means system can be located under bench
  • Unique RO resin mix to optimise economy, increases yield of purification packs
  • Users can easily switch between ultrafiltration or sub-micron filtration for their specific application

Typical applications: AAS, buffer and media preparation, electrophysiology, feed to ultra pure water systems, general chemistry, glassware washing/rinsing, histology, microbiological analysis, RIA/ELISA, sample diluting and reagent preparation, spectrophotometry, water analysis.

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