Desiccant replacement beads, Secador®, SP Bel-Art

供应商: Bel-Art Products, a part of SP
BELAF420740020EA 0 CNY
Desiccant replacement beads, Secador®, SP Bel-Art
干燥器 干燥剂
These colour-indicating silica gel beads are for use in refilling the Secador® auto-desiccator module which automatically regenerates them for thousands of cycles.

  • Silica gel absorbs moisture from the air and is inert, non toxic and non corrosive
  • Beads turn from blue to light pink indicating that the silica gel is saturated and cannot absorb additional moisture
  • Beads turn pink/dark brown and fail to regain their blue colour when it is time to replace the beads with a fresh supply

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