Prepared slides: freshwater plants (cryptogams)

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Prepared slides: freshwater plants (cryptogams)
载玻片和盖玻片 Prepared Slides
Prepared slides for freshwater plants (cryptogams) including:

  • Three types of bacteria smear
  • Rhizopus nigricans (bread mould) (w.b.)
  • Penicillium (w.b.)
  • Aspergilus (w.b.)
  • Yeast (w.b.)
  • Lichen (s.)
  • Volvox (w.b.)
  • Spirogyra conjugation (w.b.)
  • Porphyra (sea lettuce) (w.b.)
  • Marchantia thallus (s.)
  • Marchantia antheridiophore (l.s.)
  • Marchantia archegoniophore (l.s.)
  • Moss, protonema (w.b.)
  • Moss, antheridium (c.s.)
  • Fern prothallus, young sporophyte (w.b.)

(s.) = section; (l.s.) = longitudinal section; (c.s.) = cross section; (w.b.) = whole body

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